Corporate Governance

AVIO Corporate Governance


Avio’s corporate governance system gives a central role to the Board of Directors and the Committees.

The corporate governance structure of Avio is consistent with the company’s goals. Avio’s governance is inspired by modern management, the uniqueness of products, services, technologies and processes as well as by the internationalization of the corporate structure. Avio’s corporate governance also ensures fairness, transparency and strict attention to compliance with internal rules and laws in force at all levels of the organization.

Corporate Governance

AVIO Corporate Bodies


Avio is governed by a Board of Directors.

AVIO's Board of Directors

AVIO's Board of Statutory Auditors

AVIO's External auditors

AVIO's Supervisory body

AVIO's Top Management

Corporate Governance

Corporate Documents


The documents summarizing Avio’s corporate governance related information ensure the adherence of the Company to the applicable laws and regulations.  

Corporate Governance

Code for handling inside information


Set of rules and regulations to deal with Avio’s inside information for insiders in compliance with the prescriptions of the overseeing market authorities

Corporate Governance

Internal dealing code


Set of rules and regulations intended to provide guidance to insiders to deal with Avio’s shares in compliance with the applicable laws.

Corporate Governance

Transactions with Related Parties


Rules and information related to how Avio deals with Related Parties as defined and requested by the applicable laws.

Corporate Governance



To respond effectively to the evolution of the regulation framework across national and international markets, the Avio’s Internal Control System is monitored through the adoption of codes, principles and procedures that provide discipline to Avio’s activities.

Avio and its departments regularly undergo self-assessments as well as independent internal audits.

Corporate Governance

Avio Codes


The Code of Ethics is a document approved by the Board of Directors of Avio S.p.A, applicable to the entire Avio Group, which defines the principles of conduct in business as well as the commitments and responsibilities of the Group.

This Code constitutes the Avio Group's program to ensure effective prevention and detection of violations of laws and regulatory provisions applicable to its activities.

The Supplier Code of Conduct is a document approved by the Board of Directors with a favorable opinion from the Sustainability Committee, applicable to the entire Supply Chain of the Group.

The purpose of this Code is to integrate the Sustainability Policy throughout the Supply Chain, in line with the objectives and the corporate Sustainability Plan.

Corporate Governance

Compliance Program as Legislative Decree n. 231/2001


Legislative Decree No. 231/2001 introduced for the first time in Italian law the concept of administrative responsibility for Italian companies relating to criminal offences committed in the Board’s interest in Italy or abroad:

  • By individuals having a representative, financial or managerial position within the organization or within a business unit linked to the organization, although independent from a financial and functional point of view;
  • By individuals who de facto manage and control the organization;
  • By individuals subject to the management or supervision by one of the subjects mentioned above.


This responsibility is added to that of the individual person who has committed the material offence.


Compliance Officer in Avio: Giorgio Martellino

Anti-Corruption Code


Anti-Corruption Code of Avio Group



Avio has activated, in compliance with the provisions of the Whistleblowing Decree (Legislative Decree 24/2023), the following internal reporting channel:!/WB/avio. This channel allows the submission of written reports in electronic format and ensures the confidentiality of the reporter's identity, the individuals involved, and anyone mentioned in the report, as well as the content of the report and its accompanying documentation, through the use of encryption tools.

For further details, please refer to the attached Procedure.

Avio Engagement Policy


Engagement Policy of Avio

Avio Diversity Policy


The Diversity Policy of Avio

Policy of the independence requirements


Avio Policy of the independence requirements