Avio Business

What we do


Avio designs, develops, produces and integrates space launchers, produces solid and liquid fuel propulsion systems and payload adapters.

Avio is leader in research and development of new materials and equipment for space applications


Propulsion Systems


Avio develops the P120 C solid rocket motor for the first stage of Vega C and Vega E and as strap-on booster for the new European rocket Ariane 6.

The company is part of the joint Italian-French-British program for the production of Aster 30, one of the most powerful and technologically advanced air defense missiles.

Avio is also partnering MBDA Italy for the development of the CAMM-ER air defense missile, an extended range variant of the CAMM surface-to-air missile.


Space Technology Innovation


Avio has long tradition in engineering, chemistry, and advanced energy materials

Thanks to extensive collaboration with universities, research centers and technology partners, Avio operates significant research and development activities in order to create the cutting-edge technologies and products that will shape the future of space technologies and exploration.


Research on future applications of Vega


R&D on the future applications and versions of Vega is a starting point for new research and space exploration opportunities, such as:

  • Accessible exploration projects of the solar system on the routes of NEO (Near-Earth Objects)
  • In-Orbit Servicing missions
  • Conduction of low-cost experiments for educational and scientific purposes
  • Payload recovery with return and landing on airport runways
Space Technology Innovation

New Propellant Technology


Avio is among the leaders in solid propulsion and has developed loadable engines of different sizes up to a propellant load (composite "hot" and "cold" structures) of 230 tons.

Avio is committed to research on “green” propellants for space propulsion. In fact, R&D investments are not only focused to the launch applications where Avio’s Lox-LNG technology has already achieved a maturity level, but also to develop orbital applications that necessitate longer storing capacity for their propellants.

Space Technology Innovation

Cryogenic Tanks


One promising line of research at Avio is the creation of large cryogenic tanks in composite material.

The same technologies can be applied to smaller tanks, for different fluids, to be used in aeronautic applications with very competitive features of durability and light weight. Research carried out at Avio has enabled the application to these structures of health monitoring devices such as FBG (Fiber Bragg Grating), which are optical sensors able to detect the minimum deformation or damage.

Space Technology Innovation

New materials and processes


Avio focuses on the development of new materials and processes for the creation of propulsion system components and structures. We have developed a family of pre-impregnated carbon-epoxy composites for large structures of transport systems and patented a number of architectures of high-performance combustion chamber components to be produced using ALM (Additive Layer Manufacturing).

Research & Development

Carbon Fiber Space Applications


Avio’s solid propellant motors rely on the filament winding process of impregnated carbon-epoxy composites.

The filament winding process:

During composite case manufacturing, a thermal protection is first applied on a metal supporting structure (mandrel) and then polymerized. Subsequently, tows of carbon fibers impregnated with resin (prepreg) are wound on the thermal protection. After filament winding, the composite case is cured, then the mandrel is removed: the insulated motor case is obtained and is ready for propellant casting.

Advantages of the Filament winding process:

  • An accurate control of resin content and optimal fiber volume content (60%)
  • A high level of compaction of the laminate also with high wall thickness
  • An excellent level of voids containment and absence of defects
  • Higher winding speed than wet winding (up to twice)
  • Clean and safe work environment