Partners and Customers


Avio has an important network of development and technological partners that cooperate with the company to achieve its objective of ensuring a European independent, safe and reliable access to space.


Technological Partners


GKN Space Sweden partners with Avio for the development and the supply of the turbines and the turbopumps.

Yuzhnoye SDO supplies to Avio the engine of the forth stage of the Vega launcher (the AVUM) and cooperates in activities of research and development.

Avio partners with RUAG Space for the development and the supply of the fairings and of other components of the Vega launcher such as the OBC (On Board Computer)

SABCA is one of the main aerospace companies in Belgium. SABCA partners with Avio for the complete Thrust Vectoring Control Systems (TVC) of launchers, including actuators and associated electronic local control loop.

Telespazio, supports Vega launches from the Kourou Space Center by providing weather, radar, telemetry and control services. Telespazio, supplies also elements of the flight software of the Vega launcher and elements of the control bench software.

CIRA is a company with public and private sector shareholders such as research bodies, local government and aeronautics and space industries. Avio cooperates with CIRA for the activities of research related to the space propulsion.