A more flexible Vega C

Vega C Light


Avio is developing a new version of Vega C, called Vega C Light. This rocket will be equipped with three stages, all coming from Vega C: Zefiro 40, Zefiro 9 and Avum+. The Light version will allow Avio to compete in the market segment of launchers dedicated to payloads weighing few hundreds of kilograms or even less. Moreover, the rocket will increase the European launch flexibility and responsiveness for small payloads. 

VEGA Rocket

Future applications


Avio has carried out feasibility studies for In-Orbit Servicing operations; for example, for the International Space Station (ISS), for which a Vega rocket could transport new materials and bring used materials and modules back to Earth, as well as for SDM (Space Debris Mitigation) activities for the recovery of end-of-life satellites. The Vega launcher is also suitable for use in conducting low cost experiments for educational and scientific purposes and for the qualification of technological systems and components in orbital conditions.

New versions of Vega currently under development at Avio, even more flexible and versatile, will further broaden the horizon of potential applications.

As a systems integrator, Avio’s approach rests on a solid foundation of know-how related to the entire chain of critical technologies in space transportation systems.