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Vega operations not impacted in the medium term by the Ukraine conflict

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Rome, 25 March 2022 – In relation to recent articles appeared on the press concerning the potential impacts of the on-going Ukranian conflict on the operations of the Vega launcher, Avio confirms that at present no specific impacts on Vega and Vega C continuity of operations are foreseen in the medium term.
In particular, the procurement process of the 4th stage engine of Vega and Vega C, manufactured in Ukraine, started several years ago to cover the deliveries for the launches expected up to 2026. Since the beginning of such contract, deliveries have been scheduled significantly in advance vs the industrial need to meet expected launch dates, with a view to build up – and maintain over time - a “strategic stock”, also to facilitate the assembly and integration processes of several flight units in parallel. Deliveries have been carried out since the beginning, and also in 2022, as originally scheduled, such that as of today Avio does not see specific risks related to the availability of engines in the medium term.
Quantitative and detailed information remains subject to confidentiality as per the agreements in place and also to safeguard industrial security, in the best interest of our customers.

Following what already done since the start of the conflict, Avio keeps monitoring the situation daily with the full support of ESA, and has promptly started to assess potential technical and industrial actions to mitigate the risk of procurement in the long term, based on the best technologies available taoday or currently in the developing phase.
Should relevant risks emerge for the long term, adequate communication will promptly be made.

Avio takes the opportunity to congratulate its Ukraine suppliers for the quality of their products and the high level of expertise and standards, demonstrated in many years of performance and also at present.