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Vega C selected to launch the ClearSpace-1 active debris removal mission


Rome 9 May 2023 – Vega C has been selected to launch the ClearSpace-1 spacecraft, an active debris removal mission. The launch is scheduled as soon as the second half of 2026. Vega C will put the spacecraft on a sun-synchronous drift orbit for commissioning and critical test. Later on, it will rendezvous with the target, capture and deorbit it through atmospheric reentry.

The target object is the upper part of a VESPA payload adapter, launched in 2013 with the second Vega flight, and placed in a “gradual disposal” orbit, in compliance with space debris mitigation regulations. The mass of the target is about 112 kg, resembling that of a small satellite.

Avio is proud to contribute to this important mission though its Vega C rocket. This technology demonstration mission is a key element to further mitigate the risk of space debris especially in Low Earth Orbits. Avio is also fully committed in the respect of the space debris mitigation regulations” stated Giulio Ranzo, CEO of Avio.