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Colleferro (Rome), January 11th, 2024 – In the coming years Avio will face an unprecedented opportunity to increase production volumes across a wide array of programs including increased Vega C flight rate, rapid Ariane 6 propulsion systems production ramp-up and an increase in production volume of defense propulsion systems. Along this path, Avio needs to leverage state of the art lean manufacturing capabilities, digitalization and industrial best practices to ensure reliable execution against its record-high order backlog.

In this context, and as an on-going effort to strengthen its leadership team, Avio has hired Rosario Esposito as Chief Operating Officer starting January 2024. Rosario has 30 years’ experience in Operations and Supply Chain Management, most of which developed in Europe and in the US in the Aerospace industry with the Boeing Company and General Electric Aviation. His last responsibility was Boeing Commercial Aircraft’s leader at Spirit Aerosystems. His proven capabilities in lean manufacturing and supply chain management will greatly enhance Avio’s ability to succeed against its commitments. In his capacity he will be responsible for industrial operations, supply chain management, information technology and continuous improvement.

Rosario Esposito will be supported by Savio Mazzarella as Supply Chain Management Director. Savio has equally joined Avio in January 2024 with more than 25 years’ experience in Program Management and Supply Chain Management in the Aerospace industry, having worked in Europe, Israel and the US on several different aircraft programs. His last role was SVP Procurement for Structures, Plants & Equipment at Leonardo where he worked extensively in the Aerostructures Division. Savio’s competencies will help Avio manage its pan-European supply chain, improving quality and punctuality of delivery. Savio will work end to end with our supply chain from procurement to supplier management to supplier quality and logistics.

Avio is committed to long-term success and believes that attracting key managerial talent is an essential part to reach this goal. We wish Rosario and Savio good luck in their challenging mission.