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Avio: suspension of the activities in the launch base. Agreement with trade unions on Covid-19 countermeasures

vega launch site kourou

Colleferro, 16th March 2020 – Today the C.S.G. (Centre Spatial Guyanais) and Arianespace have
announced that, following the prescriptions of the French Government aimed to fight the COVID-
19 outbreak, the C.S.G. has decided to temporarily suspend the activities related to the launches
from the base in Kourou.

Avio points out that it is in close contact with the local authorities in Guiana to guarantee the
highest safety standards for its personnel at the base and for the Vega launcher, which is already
integrated on the launch pad for the 16th flight expected by the end of March, being ready to
resume the launch preparation activities as soon as possible.

Moreover, Avio informs to have timely implemented several countermeasures to the COVID-19
at its facilities in compliance with the law in order to mitigate the risks related to the ongoing
industrial activities.

On these countermeasures, Avio has reached an agreement with the trade unions, following what
foreseen by the Protocol shared by social parties at the National level on the 14th of March 2020,
which includes the highest possible level of smart working for the activities possible to be
performed from home or remotely, and also the encouraged use of holidays or paid leave and
the other instruments allowed by the collective agreements.