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Rome, 08 March 2023 - Today, the Board of Directors of Avio S.p.A. ("Avio" or the "Company"), subject to the favorable opinion of the Nominations and Compensation Committee, approved the composition of its slate of candidates to be submitted to the Shareholders' Meeting for the renewal of the Board for the term of office expiring with the approval of the financial statements as of December 31, 2022.

The candidates were selected on the basis of the qualitative and quantitative criteria that the Board itself adopted, with the advice of the Nominations and Compensation Committee, and also in adherence to the indications contained in the " Guidance opinion on the quantitative and qualitative composition of Avio S.p.A.’s Board of Directors deemed optimal for the three-year period 2023-2025" approved on November 29, 2022 by the Board of Directors and published on the Company's website.

The list of candidates is as follows:


  • Roberto Italia (born in Rome on the 05/07/1966 - not independent);
  • Giulio Ranzo (born in Rome on the 29/01/1971 - not independent);
  • Letizia Colucci (born in Foggia on the 06/08/1962 - not independent);
  • Giovanni Gorno Tempini (born in Brescia on the 18/02/1962 – independent);
  • Luigi Pasquali (born in Rome on the 02/10/1957 - not independent);
  • Elena Pisonero (born in Madrid, Spain, on the 17/01/1963 – independent);
  • Donatella Sciuto (born in Varese on the 05/01/1962 – independent);
  • Giovanni Soccodato (born in Rome on the 31/10/1961 - not independent);
  • Monica Auteri (born in Carbonia on the 04/07/1970 – independent);
  • Monica Beltrametti (born in Rome on the 14/06/1951 – independent);
  • Susannah Stewart (born in Hollywood, United States of America, on the 05/12/1968 – independent).


The list has been prepared in accordance with the "Procedure for the Submission of a Slate for the Renewal of the Board of Directors by the Outgoing Board of Directors" approved, after receiving the opinion of the Appointments and Compensation Committee, by Avio's Board of Directors on November 7, 2022, and in line with international best practices and the indications provided by the Board itself as well as resulting from the dialogue with major shareholders, proxy advisors and Associations representing institutional investors.

This is a shortlist of candidates composed of 6 women and 5 men, for a total of 6 independent members. It was intended to ensure the presence of a majority component of independent Directors in accordance with the Corporate Governance Code, as well as to combine the value of continuity with that of renewal, by introducing alongside 8 Directors currently in office (including the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, whose confirmation in their respective roles is foreseen) 3 candidates with diverse backgrounds in terms of work experience, education and professional background.

It should be noted that the list has been prepared well in advance of the bylaw terms in order to allow the most prompt analysis by interested parties.

The candidates' documents will be made available to the public on the Company's Investor Relations website:


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