Product Assurance and Operations
Import-Export office Manager

Danila Savo

Graduated in Political Science with specialisation in international politics at La Sapienza University of Rome with a thesis on Italian and comparative constitutional law, she is an expert in import-export and customs law, techniques and regulations related to dual and military goods. She joined Avio SpA in 2008 after several years of work experience as international freight forwarder, dealing in particular with transports between Italy and France.  She is currently working as responsible of Avio import-export office, prepararing and processing all documents and permits, maintaining records of all transactions, assessing the products' qualities for import and export, and tracking shipments to ensure that they arrive at their destinations in a precise and timely manner. After having attended yearly specialisation courses in EU Customs Law, she also obtained a first-level master "Duty and Customs planning in foreign trade and business internationalisation" accredited by the Customs Agency for AEO professional qualification -Art 27(1)(B) of implementing regulation (EU) NO 2447/2015- discussing the final thesis entitled “Opportunities and benefits of "special" Customs regimes in the business planning of a company operating in the aerospace sector.” She is an Avio consultant for dangerous goods transport by air since 2014, with achievement of ENAC Certification (Italian Civil Aviation Authority) renewed with written examination every two years. Thanks to previous experience as a high school teacher of law and economics, she is also an Avio accredited trainer and thus holds several train