Recruitment and People Development Manager

Francesca Fabrizi

I am an HR with over 10 years of experience gained in research and selection companies, head hunting, consultancy and structured business realities.

My entire professional and training path, the latter concluded with the certification of Counselor, has been oriented towards the development of useful and necessary skills for working with people and for people within the company.

The first experience was the selection of personnel, an activity that fascinated me and that I carried out for several years in structured companies and consulting firms.

Later, my training as an HR professional was oriented towards the activity of trainer and designer of training courses, together with that of orientation and placement consultant carried out for an important business school in Rome.

After an important and growth path in Bolzano at Thun spa (Lenet Group), which saw me in the role of HR Business Partner, today I took up a new professional challenge that combines all previous experiences and allows me to carry on one of the activity that fascinates me most: collaborating in the selection and professional development of people.

I have been with Avio for a year and I know the space and engineering sector very well, which has always fascinated me. My role allows me to be in daily contact with colleagues and professionals, whom I select with care and attention for the reality I represent and of which I feel a part.

I strongly believe in the value of people and in the driving force of motivation and passion for one's work, as a tool for mutual growth.