Solid Rocket Motor Technical Responsible

Eleonora Bucci

Graduated in Aerospace Engineering at the Sapienza University of Rome, since 2006 in Avio in the Engineering department.

Until 2020 within the Solid Propulsion Design office, she initially took care of the MPS booster of Ariane 5, covering the role of head of the definition and performance of the motor and of technical interface towards the customer Europropulsion, directly managing production and flight anomalies and interacting with all the European actors involved in the Ariane 5 program.

Since 2013 she has been involved in the development of the Z40 motor, taking care of all the definition, the preparation of the qualification through the bench firing tests, participating in the review events, and then following the integration and preparation campaign of the Vega C maiden flight.

Since 2020 she has also followed the firing test bench campaigns of the Z23 motor for the return to flight Vega VV16 and of the Z9 for the qualification of various modifications as product technical responsible.

She is an expert in solid propellants and internal ballistics, she currently holds the role of technical product responsible of the Z40 and Z9 motors, in the Solid Propulsion Product Engineering office.