Product Assurance and Operations
Head of Strategic Infrastructures

Anna Maria Pandelli

Graduated in Chemical Engineering at Sapienza in Rome, she continued with a Master for Training for Composite Materials Managers by MIUR at University of Naples Federico II and various companies such as Fiat-Orbassano Research Center, BREDA-Milan, SIR Industriale-Monza, ENICHEM-Novara, Sistema Compositi - Paliano and subsequent period at CNES, French Space Agency, as a specialist in composite materials.

In AVIO she began her career in 1998 in the Technology Department and then, after a three-year period at the subsidiary of AVIO, Europropulsion in Paris, in which she held role of Technical Manager on ARIANE5 MPS- solid propellant engine, to the Vega Programs Department as Project Manager of Vega solid propellant motors, to the Sales Department as Ariane 5 Sales Manager, to the Purchasing Department as Head of the Direct and Indirect Purchasing Department.

 She currently holds role of Head of Strategic Infrastructures of AVIO. Under this frame she has overseen construction of the SPTF site in Sardinia.

Convinced of need and opportunity offered by its own flexibility and that offered by the Company, she considers it essential for personal and work development.