Procurement and Program Management
Subcontractor Manager

Annita Daidone

I was born in Pescara and, due to my education, my jobs and familiar organization I spent almost 20 years (from 19 to 39 years old) in two of the three other provinces of Abruzzo.

My movements are strictly related to education and working experiences

  • Electronic Engineering degree obtained at University of L’Aquila
  • First employment in an Automotive company for about 3 years (former Magneti Marelli then Denso Manufacturing Italia in San Salvo- Chieti)
  • Subsequent employments in Defense sector, the first in L’Aquila Leonardo site for about 6 years and then in Elettronica SpA in Rome for 15 years.
  • In September 2021 I joined Avio.

I have been living in Rome since 2009 and I consider myself “Roman by adoption”. We – my husband, my daughter now aged almost 17 and I – left L’Aquila after the earthquake. 

Through the years I have learned to schedule my time allowing myself space for sports and reading which I particularly care. I like also to follow my daughter to the theatre and to concerts, in some of which she plays as drummer and her father as singer, just to balance my “being an engineer” with a variety of artistic interests.