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Update on Vega’s VV16 flight


The Vega launcher, after a first stop in March due to Covid 19 epidemic and a second stop in June caused by exceptionally unfavorable weather condition, is now ready to resume operations. As no anomalies to the launcher or to the ground infrastructures and control systems were reported, Vega is therefore now approaching an “awakening” procedure and will be flightworthy again and ready to fly as soon as Arianespace and CNES, after  reviewing the updated weather forecasts and safely limits, will set a target date for the launch in their capacity of Launch Service Provider and Safety authority. Winds do not affect the flight but, in the unlikely event of a failure, may represent a risk of debris dispersion not compatible with safety constraints.

While we regret to have slipped by a few months for various reasons (namely pandemic and wind) on a very important launch event, we consider of the utmost importance for ourselves, for Arianespace’s customers, our partners and local communities to execute it under the safest conditions, in full compliance with regulatory limits. We therefore are now getting ready to come back to launch chronology soon and to work relentlessly to catch up on the flight schedule in order to minimize impact for end customers.