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Avio presented the AMOI project for research and development of new technologies

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Colleferro, January 31, 2024 - Last January 29, in the auditorium of the new 7008 building named after Eng. Francesco Depasquale, Avio presented AMOI - Advanced Materials Open Infrastructure - a major investment project for the creation of a new research infrastructure, entirely dedicated to Key Enabling Technologies, advanced materials, which will be built in the Colleferro area.

The research infrastructure, aimed at the development of advanced technologies and systems for additive manufacturing processes, will be open in that it can be used both by Avio for the research activities envisaged by its mission, and by companies, startups, research centers and universities that will be able to prototype parts and evaluate new materials with the equipment made available by the infrastructure.

In addition to ensuring an important employment spin-off in the Lazio region, the hub will be dedicated to multidisciplinary exchange between aerospace SMEs, automotive and biomedical players and many young talents.

A cost of 5.7 million euros has been estimated for the realization of the research infrastructure, which will be inaugurated in June 2026, with an important contribution from the Lazio Region of 2.6 million euros through LazioInnova, the region's in-house company dedicated to innovation, credit and economic development.

Speakers at the event included Avio CEO Giulio Ranzo, Lazio Regional Council President Antonio Aurigemma, Senator Filippo Sensi, advisor to CoM Vice President Tajani Antonio Corsi, ASI President Teodoro Valente, Mayor of Colleferro Pierluigi Sanna and Colleferro Hon. Giorgio Salvitti.

The event was a unique opportunity to talk about the opportunities of the near future and the importance of working together with institutions and businesses to achieve important goals such as those of the new AMOI project.


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