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Vega's flight VV18 in the media


A review of the main articles of the international press on the success of the flight VV18 of the Vega rocket that has put into orbit the Pléiades 3 Neo Earth observation satellite along with 5 microsatellites. 

"Vega return to flight creates competition for 30-centimeter satellite imagery" SpaceNews

"Retour en vol réussi de Vega au service de Pléiades Neo" Air&Cosmos

"Arianespace launches Vega’s return to flight with rideshare mission"

"Arianespace's second successful launch in 72 hours" Space Daily

"Arianespace’s Vega returns to flight with Pleiades Neo 3" Spacewatch.Global

"Vega VV18: a French satellite in orbit" Avionews

"Six mois après son échec, Vega décolle avec des satellites d'observation de la Terre" Courrier international