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Kourou (French Guiana), October 9th, 2023 – Vega rocket lifted off from the Guiana Space Centre in French Guiana at 10.36 p.m. local time (01.36 a.m. UTC) and successfully completed its VV23 flight, placing into sun-synchronous orbit two satellites plus ten auxiliary payloads.

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Vega's flight VV18 in the media


A review of the main articles of the international press on the success of the flight VV18 of the Vega rocket that has put into orbit the Pléiades 3 Neo Earth observation satellite along with 5 microsatellites. 

"Vega return to flight creates competition for 30-centimeter satellite imagery" SpaceNews

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Vega's flight VV18: mission accomplished


With flight VV18, Vega successfully puts in Sun-Synchronous orbit the French satellite Pléiades Neo 3 along with several small satellites in ride-share.

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Vega C, a new generation launcher - Avio on SpaceNews


An article on SpaceNews magazine about Vega C new generation rocket, its future and its applications such as the full exploitation of the SSMS and the launch of the Space Rider vehicle. 

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Vega continues its journey, VV18 fully booked


Just after one month from the SSMS Maiden Mission on Vega VV16, the SSMS module that will fly on the Vega VV18, scheduled for the beginning of 2021 after the next VV17 mission in November, is already fully booked.

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Vega returns to flight: mission accomplished


Flight VV16 marks the success of SSMS (Small Spacecraft Mission Service) payload adapter maiden flight. 53 micro and nanosatellites have been deployed into Sun-Synchronous orbit.

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Update on Vega’s VV16 flight


The Vega launcher, after a first stop in March due to Covid 19 epidemic and a second stop in June caused by exceptionally unfavorable weather condition, is now ready to resume operations.

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Vega Flight VV16 postponed to August 18


Colleferro (Rome), 1st July 2020 – Vega VV16 flight operations have been interrupted by Arianespace due to the presence of exceptionally unfavorable high altitude easterly winds. The Vega launcher has been available and flightworthy since June 18 on the launchpad but did not receive a green light from the safety authority since then. Two launch chronology attempts were made during the past week but unfortunately interrupted shortly before lift-off due to conditions exceeding the allowable limits.

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Vega Flight VV16 – the SSMS PoC mission: Launch postponed; reestablishing the launcher’s full readiness


As winds at altitude above the Guiana Space Center remain unfavorable, the final chronology operations for Vega’s Flight VV16 mission have been suspended.

The Vega launcher and the 53 satellites on board are in a stabilized configuration, and in total safety.

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Vega Flight VV16 – the SSMS PoC mission: New postponement due to weather conditions


As high-altitude winds above the Guiana Space Center remain unfavorable, Arianespace has taken the decision not to initiate the final chronology operations for Flight VV16 on Sunday June 87, 2020.

Subject to a favorable evolution of the weather conditions, another attempt will be made on Monday June 29.

The Vega launch vehicle and its 53 spacecraft payloads are in stable and safe conditions.

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