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The future of the Vega program is called Vega E (Evolution). The new launcher vehicle is currently under development. The Vega E rocket will be the ideal product for small satellites at an affordable launch price. The launcher will have a three stage configuration,leveraging on the P120C and Z40 motors developed for Vega C anda new greener upper stage called M10, which will use liquid oxygen and liquid methane as propellants. 

The maiden flight of Vega E is scheduled in 2026.  

Our Products | VEGA Family



Differently from Vega and Vega C Vega E will have a three stage configuration. The first two, P120 C and Zefiro 40 will be the same of Vega C. The upper stage will have a revolutionary engine which will burn liquid oxygen and methane. The rocket will be capable of releasing multiple satellites into different orbits during a single mission, maintaining the remarkable reliability and precision standards of the Vega family. 

Its development goals are:

  • Increased flexibility (performance compatible with over 90% of payload typologies) and enhanced operational versatility (performance compatible with over 70% of payload typologies in a multiple satellites launch) on the LEO market segment;
  • The use of a new generation of “green” propellants.