Propulsion Systems

P120 C Motor


Working jointly with Ariane Group, Avio is developing the P120 C (Common) solid propellant motor. The new powerplant is derived from the first stage of the Vega Launcher P80. Like its predecessor, the structural casing is made of carbon fibre, which is built from pre-impregnated epoxy sheets through filament winding and automatic fabric deposition. It will have the capacity of 141 tons of solid propellant.

The P120 C motor will serve both as the first stage of the Vega C launcher and as solid rocket booster of the future Ariane 6.

Turbopumps for rocket engines



Turbopumps are one of the main components in liquid propellant engines for aerospace use. These machines offer extreme performance, as they are designed to feed the combustion chamber with propellants drawn from tanks that are pressurized to hundreds of bars.

They have enormous power density (such as 6500 HP in a mass of 250 kilograms), are exposed to extreme environments (at temperatures ranging from cryogenic to over 1000°C), bear highly aggressive liquids such as liquid oxygen, and work at an astounding rotation speed.

Avio is in charge of the production of the Liquid Oxygen Turbopump for the Vulcain 2 engine and the new VINCI liquid propellant engine.

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Propulsion System

The CAMM-ER air defense missile


The CAMM-ER missile program gives to Avio, under MBDA contract, the role to design, develop and qualify the solid-propellant rocket motor of the CAMM-ER air defense missile.

The CAMM-ER (Common Anti-air Modular Missile Extended Range) belongs to the family of CAMM surface-to-air missile systems. It is able to provide complete protection against all air targets. The CAMM-ER is the common solution for multiple platform, by leveraging common components to create a modular weapon system and a modular design that offers true all weather capability and cost benefits of sharing missile stockpiles among the Airforce, Navy and Army.

This new generation surface-to-air missile will offer a high operational range thanks to the new propulsion augmentation system developed by Avio.

Propulsion System

The ASTER 30 air defense missile


The Aster 30 is an advanced two-stage hypersonic missile system for area defense against aircraft and missile attacks. Avio’s role in the program, under MBDA contract, was to design, develop, test and produce the following system components: propellant, igniter, motor case, fins, nozzle and Thrust Vector Control (TVC). Avio also developed the loading (thermal protection and propellant grain) of the sustainer, the second-stage motor of the Aster missile.

The Aster 30 first-stage booster, fully designed and produced by Avio at its facilities in Colleferro (Rome), is considered as one of today’s most powerful and technologically advanced solid-propellant rocket motors. It has a high strength filament winding case made from pre-impregnated carbon epoxy fiber and titan inserts.