Se.Co.Sv.Im is the real-estate company of the Avio Group that owns about 910 hectares of land in the municipalities of Colleferro, Segni and Artena (Rome), with hundreds of properties, most of which are rented by the Group for industrial purposes (about 450 hectares) and by other companies which are present in the area: Simmel Difesa S.p.A. occupies about 45 hectares), Italcementi occupies about 65 hectares for the right-of-access for a power line and Servizi Colleferro occupies about 2.5 hectares. Se.Co.Sv.Im directly manages the remaining unrented properties of about 350 hectares.

Se.Co.Sv.Im. is indirectly owned by Avio via its controlled entity AS Propulsion, which fully owns Se.Co.Sv.Im.