Se.Co.Sv.Im. is the real estate company of the Avio Group which owns approximately 910 hectares in the municipalities of Colleferro, Segni and Artena (province of Rome). With hundreds of areas, many of which are used for industrial purposes (about 450 hectares), Se.Co.Sv.Im manages the development of the real estate assets present on the Colleferro industrial site.




The term "Whistleblowing" refers to the act of reporting misconduct or illegal activities within an organization. The text you provided seems to discuss the implementation of a whistleblowing system in accordance with a legislative decree (D.Lgs. 24/2023). It mentions the establishment of an internal reporting channel that allows individuals to electronically submit reports while ensuring the confidentiality of the whistleblower's identity, the individuals involved, and the content of the report through encryption tools. Additionally, it directs individuals to download the Whistleblowing Procedure for further details.

> Download the Whistleblowing Procedure