Product Assurance and Operations
General Services & Environment Manager

Deborah Aronne

Graduated from the Faculty of Architecture at "Roma Tre" University with a thesis in technological design, she worked in the first years as a freelance designer in public and private construction sector. As safety coordinator of Legislative Decree 81/08 advises for various companies operating in the construction sector for new construction and industrial maintenance. From 2008 to 2015 she has collaborated with numerous design studios and construction companies, performing both private and public sectors. She deals with interior design for housing and tertiary activities. She has been employed by Avio S.p.A. since 2015, first dealing with support activities for the Industrial Operations management, then joining the General and Environmental Services group to manage and draft documentation for issue authorizations pursuant to the Consolidated Law on Public Safety, as well as working on projects and installations for redevelopment of the industrial spaces within the Avio S.p.A. site.