What is SSMS

SSMS is the getaway to space for worldwide customers: a combination of commercial, educational and institutional small satellites.

Developed with ESA (European Space Agency) funds, SSMS is based on a modular dispenser designed for both the Avio’s Vega launchers and its better performing Vega C evolution.

Designed and manufactured by, SAB Aerospace under an Avio contract, this dispenser can accommodate all classes of small satellites with mass ranging from 1 kg (Cubesats or Cubesats’ clusters) to 400 kg (Minisats); coupled with Vega’s upper stage AVUM, it can deliver PLs at different orbits through an extended orbital experience.

SSMS work in progress

After the Critical Design Review, the first item is being currently manufactured. Tests and checks will give the green light for the SSMS assembly and integration operations at SAB plants in Brno (Czech Republic). Such facility will host also the integrations of the Nanosatellites on the structure’s lower ring, which for the first time will be carried out in Europe.

Arianespace, the European Launch Service Provider commercializing Vega worldwide has concluded contracts with many SmallSats’ manufacturers and brokers, filling up the dispenser with almost one ton total mass of satellites.

The first mission will take place mid-2019 to carry a bunch of satellites requiring competitive, reliable and accurate access to the 550 km, SSO destination orbit.

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