On May 7th, at the “Sapienza” University Faculty of Engineering in Rome, the ASTRI program (Advanced Student Team Research in Space Industry) was launched. This agreement — signed by seven European universities and six of the major European space sector industries — is designed to implement a training program for space engineers. The goal is to involve the most deserving students — in their final year of a university master’s degree or embarking on a post-master’s course — drawing them into the world of employment.

Today’s meeting was attended by the CEO of Avio, Giulio Ranzo, the former president of ESA J.J. Dordain and the President of ASI Roberto Battiston. Flor Criado Zurita, Adrian Buzdugan and Giorgio Vignali, the three young people chosen to do their training in Avio, were also present.

They will be working on the Vega Space System (VSS), a system that aims to increase the space transport services currently offered by the Vega launcher. The key feature of this training programme is that these students will have a high degree of autonomy in their choices regarding architecture, management and work team organization, using the infrastructure and the specific skills made available by Avio. Therefore it will be up to them to propose new ideas or solutions for the VSS. 

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