Vega Launcher

    Avio’s experience through its participation in the European Ariane 5 launcher, led us to a new challenge: the production of a new space launcher - Vega - the most innovative space programme in Europe. The programme is financed and managed by the ESA (European Space Agency). Avio and the ASI (Italian Space Agency), through the subsidiary ELV (Avio 70% and ASI 30%), are prime contractors for the development, qualification and production of the launcher. Vega is a 30m high launch vehicle for satellites weighing up to 1,500kg in 700km LEO (low-earth orbit). Vega comprises of three solid propellant stages and a final liquid propellant stage.

    It is a perfect example of the application of innovative technologies that highlights Avio’s leadership in solid and liquid propulsion, and the company’s achievement as a systems integrator.

    As well as acting as system integrators, Avio also produces the following systems for the Vega launcher: