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Policy and certifications


The use of state-of- the-art technology enables AVIO to achieve significant process optimization results, and to manufacture products that meet the highest quality standards and comply with worker health and safety as well as environmental protection requirements.

AVIO’s management and development strategies are underpinned by constant attention to environmental protection and a specific commitment to prevent pollution and strive for the continuous improvement of its environmental performance.

These strategies guarantee the following principles:


acting in accordance with the legal requirements for environmental protection.


optimizing the use of resources by reducing consumption and improving resource utilization right from the process design stage; minimizing the environmental impact of the production processes and of the manufactured products by using the best available technologies; identifying and monitoring environmental indicators; preventing accidents.


sharing with suppliers the environmental principles embraced and commitments undertaken; raising the awareness of, informing and training employees and external staff; communicating with transparency the environmental results attained.

AVIO is an ISO 14001 certified company.


The use of state-of- the-art technology enables Avio to achieve significant process optimization results, and to manufacture products that meet the highest quality standards and comply with worker health and safety as well as environmental protection requirements.

With regards to Workplace Health and Safety management, Avio provides all the necessary human, infrastructural and economic resources appropriate to the scale and nature of the activities carried out in its production site.

  • pursuing continuous improvement in its general Workplace Health and Safety protection measures;
  • guaranteeing compliance with legal requirements;
  • taking measures to ensure that employees are engaged, consulted, informed, trained and made aware of worker health and safety;
  • focussing research and technological innovation on the promotion of substances, products and processes that are increasingly consistent with worker Health and Safety requirements;
  • ensuring that right from the planning and design phase of new activities, the binding aspects of Safety and Health Protection are considered crucial;
  • informing and raising awareness among suppliers and subcontractors, and verifying that the behaviours, practices and procedures they adopt are consistent with the principles of this Policy.

Avio is ISO 18001 certified


Avio oggi possiede le seguenti certificazioni di Sistema:



Avio S.p.A. must consistently maintain the highest levels of corporate excellence with regards to Quality, product performance, competitiveness and service level, in accordance with the applicable mandatory standards.

In order to attain its objectives of excellence, the Management of Avio S.p.A. pursues a policy based on:

  • enhancement of and respect for its human resources
  • Customer satisfaction
  • value creation


The Quality Policy of Avio S.p.A. is based on the enhancement of the know-how, degree of motivation and level of satisfaction of its employees. It is carried out through:

  • Proactive management: to pre-empt Customer expectations in terms of the supplied products and services, by mobilizing and enhancing the skills and expertise of the workforce;
  • Compliance: to satisfy Customer requirements and expectations promptly, supplying products and services that comply with the specified requirements and meet the agreed delivery schedules;
  • Improvement: to have in place a continuous improvement process applied to all the corporate processes in order to guarantee the excellence of the products and services supplied to the Customer;
  • Competitiveness: to design and create products and services with a competitive approach, minimizing the overall costs of the product’s life cycle by exploiting as much as possible the opportunities provided by internationalization;
  • Integration: to establish mutually advantageous relations with our suppliers in order to boost the ability of all the players along the Supply Chain to create Value;
  • Communication: to facilitate transparent access to information, promoting a culture of exchange and discussion, accountability and results orientation.


Product safety is based on compliance with corporate procedures, customer requirements, the existing rules and regulations issued by the Supervisory Authorities, the provision of continuous training and information to the workforce on safety during maintenance activities as well as analysis and evaluation of risk associated with “Human Factors”.


The Management of Avio S.p.A. aims to ensure that the corporate Quality policies are disseminated and illustrated throughout the company and that they are fully understood and implemented at every level of the organization


In order to guarantee the expected Quality of Avio products and services over time, and to seize every business growth and development opportunity, the Management of Avio S.p.A. has designed the Company’s organizational structure with a view to operating in its particular Business area. The mission of this structure is to consolidate, enhance and develop the business, improving profitability and Customer/Partner satisfaction, and to control, in terms of timeframes, costs and Quality, the entire industrial process, from Customer requirements through to product delivery. This structure, by leveraging specific skills and potentials within the organization, also enables the required functions to be performed during the launch campaigns, hence after delivery of the product.


In accordance with corporate Quality policy, the Management of Avio S.p.A. has structured, keeps updated and allocates all the necessary resources to the Quality Management System, in order to guarantee the quality and safety of its products, its compliance with mandatory requirements and all the standards adopted by the Company as its benchmarks.


Since the value of the corporate system is provided by the professional skills and expertise of its workforce, the Management of Avio S.p.A. wishes all the intellectual potential of the company’s human resources to be made available and leveraged through their active and motivated engagement, aimed at delivering prompt decisions and creating a culture of accountability driven by a strong results orientation.


The Management of Avio S.p.A. assigns time, cost and Quality improvement objectives in accordance with the standards applicable to the sector in which it operates, providing at the same time the human and financial resources necessary for the attainment of the set objectives and for strengthening corporate results.


The Management of Avio S.p.A. is responsible for overseeing the Quality Management System and regularly carries out reviews aimed at verifying its adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency, ensuring that the objectives and results have been attained, and assessing possible associated corporate risks, designing recovery and risk mitigation plans where necessary.


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